Zyntango Farm Indianapolis Fall Barn Wedding

Zyntango Farm Indianapolis Fall Barn Wedding

These two brides had some of the most heartfelt moments and fun details I’ve ever photographed!

Not only were these two incredibly sweet to work with, they are also super talented artistically – Rachel and Rachel painted EVERY bridal party members shoes. How creative and thoughtful is that?!

Their creativity continued with a sprinkle exit. Those tiny specks of bright sugary goodness plus the new Mrs & Mrs equaled wedding photography gold!

This amazing couple was also up for a purple smoke-bomb sunset experiment, which turned out some of my favorite images for the day. ?

Thank you Rachel + Rachel for letting me capture your very special day (and for giving me my first shoot at the lovely Zyntango Farm)! I could not have had more fun!

Q+A with the Mrs + Mrs

I’ve known I wanted to get married outside since I was a little girl.  Originally, I wanted to get married outside…in the snow (think Phoebe and Mike’s wedding on FRIENDS downtown NYC in a foot of snow).  I was quickly dissuaded by my mom, who told me that no one would come to an outdoor wedding in the snow!
We then chose a date that wasn’t winter.  Having shot weddings for 5 years, I knew I wasn’t going to suffer through the summer heat, so I preferred the spring.  However, my sister and Rachel’s brother were getting married that spring.  We didn’t want to wait another year, so we planned for the fall.  And as Rachel S said so beautifully when I asked her:  “The date was 9/10.  So it was awesome.  It was 9…10.”  haha!
We searched the area for outdoor venues and came to find that a barn offered all we wanted:  beautiful scenery, simple, and shelter in the event of bad weather.  The deciding factor for Zyntango Farm was the fact that they had actual bathrooms (something, surprisingly, lacking from so many other barn and outdoor venues!)
We both love Disney, so we incorporated that subtly and obviously in various ways.  Teal/mint is my favorite color and purple is RS’ favorite so those were our colors cause they happen to go together well!
First dance songs:  ours:  “I get to love you”, father/daughter:  “Always Love you”,  mother/daughter:  “Slow Down”
Favorite Moments:
RP1:  two days leading up to the wedding, I couldn’t find Rachel’s wedding ring.  I was in a panic and devastated that we wouldn’t get to bless that specific ring.  Morning of the wedding, I had let it go and focused on the bigger picture.  That afternoon, my friend brought me a box and a note that said, “I would have married you without it.”  In the box was her ring that had been misplaced in our recent move.  She had torn the house apart until she found it.  I burst into tears.
RP2:  Rachel pretty much hit the ball out of the park with her vows.  I was in awe, amazed, and on the edge of tears the whole time.
RS1:  When I first got to see Rachel walking down the aisle
RS2:  Dancing with Rachel and actually getting to be with her.  Standing at the alter without being able to hold her sucked!  haha!
Funniest Moments:
RP:  Rachel forgetting her letter for the anniversary box that would be nailed shut during the wedding ceremony.  She had to run back down the aisle into the farmhouse where she left it.
RS:  Forgetting my letter….
RP overview:  The day was a blur!  It was so busy in the morning because of the type of venue it was, we had to set up everything ourselves.  We had so much help from our friends and family and it was wonderful watching them do everything in their power to make our day special. Getting ready was really stressful because we were behind on our timeline. Walking down the aisle, I remember trying to hold back tears as I stared at Rachel and saw everything we worked on for the past year come into fruition. Basically, the rest of the day didn’t even matter because I was in my wedded bliss bubble and the only thing that mattered was being by Rachel’s side.
RS overview:  I was hungry all morning.  Then the rest of the day was a whirlwind of activities culminating in a wonderful evening.
Vendors:  Dress:  Melissa Sweet, Bridesmaid Dresses:  Vera Wang, Bridesmaid/Bridesman Outfits:  Gap/Banana Republic, Vests:  Men’s Warehouse, Cake:  Heavenly Sweets, Venue: Zyntango Farm, www.heavenlysweetscakes.com, Flowers:  Violets are Blue, www.vabindy.com, Bridal makeup:  True Colors, truecolorsindy.com, Hair:  my friend, Kasey, Officiant:  Kate Baker, Caricaturist:  Richard Morris, Food:  City BBQ, www.citybbq.com, Venue:  Zyntango Farm, www.zyntangofarm.com, Invitations:  Wedding Paper Divas, www.weddingpaperdivas.com
Rings:  RP:  custom Brilliant Earth  RS:  Etsy and Distinctive Diamonds, Programs/shoes/and all other details:  handmade by us , Photographer: Stacy Able Photography