Indianapolis Engagement Photography

Erin & Brett | Indianapolis Winter Engagement Photography

From Bride to be Erin: I don’t really know why we wanted a winter themed engagement session, but I am so glad we did it! I have always loved the look of snow, mainly because white is my favorite color. Brett and I discussed the idea of doing a snowy engagement session but had a back up spring plan just in case. Stacy emailed me spontaneously asking if we wanted to do the shoot. We cleared out schedules and jumped at the chance! Once we knew we were having a snowy shoot I started searching around my parents house. I came across my dads old sled from 1962 with his name signed on it. The ideas just started rolling from there!

We met at in college at Taylor University. We both separately decided to be freshman orientation group leaders and were assigned the same move-in dorm. We clicked the first day and its history from there!

Brett put together an entire fall-themed day for me. I LOVE fall and it just so happened to be our anniversary so I wasn’t too suspicious. We went on a picnic, carved pumpkins, visited an orchard, and had a bonfire. At the end of the night he put me in the guest room at my parents house and had me watch a movie. At this point I was getting little suspicious. He knocked an hour later and I come out to about 300 lit candles. He had removed all of the furniture in my parents living room and was standing in the middle of a candle lit heart. Of course I said yes!

We are in the thick of wedding planning! We are getting married at Laurel Hall in Indianapolis. The moment we walked onto the grounds we knew this was the venue for us! Brett is surprising me with the honeymoon and we are just so excited to be getting married!